Heimlich, still und leise …

… hat SAP ein neues FIXPack für BOXIR3.1 rausgebracht!

Am 29. Juli hat SAP ganz heimlich, still und leise ein neues Fixpack für SAP-BusinessObjects XIR3.1 rausgebracht: FP3.1!

Einige (für uns relevante) Punkte die damit gefixt werden (sollen):

  • ADAPT01312143 When memory consumption is high, servers that are unable to allocate memory may freeze
  • ADAPT01243855 When saving a WebIntelligence report after refreshing the data, even though the data result set does not change, the size of the file increases.
  • ADAPT01189913 Space is not reserved in the Variable Editor for the „Then“ operator.
  • ADAPT01326350 If a crosstab contains multiple pages in landscape orientation, the crosstab relative position settings are lost from the new page.
  • ADAPT01326488 When a universe is refreshed, the object list and definition list is incorrect, with objects missing or appearing in hierarchies they don’t belong to.
  • ADAPT01331587 Upon start up, Web Intelligence servers may remain suspended in the initialization process until manually restarted.
  • ADAPT01353286 MDX queries are now traced in the log file of the process that executes the call.
  • ADAPT01358745 Cookies are not sent after upgrading JRE.
  • ADAPT01360595 MDX error occurs in the Web Intelligence prompt dialog if a BEx query which has a Mandatory variable in the filter
  • ADAPT01361754 Inconsistant behavior of „Start on new page“ when a break is added at the table level for detail objects
  • ADAPT01361999 Web Intelligence reports with a block filter shows incorrect data
  • ADAPT01368885 The non-standard MDX function UNORDER(<set>) is available, but not used by the SAP Business Objects ODA layer.
  • ADAPT01369547 On Web Intelligence documents, there is a too much space between tables in the View mode when „relative position“ is set
  • ADAPT01373551 Last Refresh Date returned by the QuerySummary() function should return the time in the Infoview or Web Iintelligence report locale
  • ADAPT01386856 (Sum([Measure] In [Dimension A))) Where ([Dimension B]) => Dimension B would have been effectively ignored.
  • ADAPT01387086 In Designer tools, refreshing a Universe after adding, in the SAB Bex Query used by this universe, a Navigational Attribute with a hierarchy node variable causes all new objects ( hierarchy items and filters ) to be added to the top most class or subclass.
  • ADAPT01387916 Drill Filter combination boxes show old values after refreshing a report with different prompt values
  • ADAPT01414924 The WIReportServer process hangs when you run a Web Intelligence report with a prompt whose list of values contains a million lines of data from the SAP BW Query variable.
  • ADAPT01414930 The result set is not limited to the start and end date set by the prompt. Data from all the available dates is returned.

Schau ma mal, ob das tatsächlich auch so alles funktioniert wie beschrieben, war ja nicht immer so…

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