Reasons why to date an IRONMAN

1. Going long and hard is the name of the game

2. We’re oh-so smooth

3. Worst case scenario we last 17 hours

4. We like to get wet

5. We also like to get sweaty

6. We know when to make our move

7. „Mechanical difficulties“ are never much of an issue

8. We are ALWAYS tweaking our position

9. Spandex!

10. We know how to ride

11. We routinely get undressed in mere seconds

12. We know how to finish strong

13. We can perform under any condition

14. We’re up for a ride anywhere, anytime

15. We never stop no matter how hard it is.

16. The deeper we go the faster we get.

17. We’re half naked.

18. We always put in a hard thrust at the very end.

19. We don’t mind when things gets a lil rough.

Tja Mädls, so schauts aus! 😉 😉 😉

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