WIS 10901: RSS File does not exist

…database error occured!

Today in the office we had a problem refreshing Business Objects reports using SQL Server data source. The error message was: „RSS file does not exist: D:Program Files (x86Business ObjectsBusinessObjects enterprise 12.0….odbcsqlsrv.rss“ (WIS 10901). As stated clearly in the error message the reason was the missing database driver file for the MS SQL Server. But the question still is why? We installed ALL DataSources during installation of SAP BusinessObjects XI3.1 SP3. So if you get this error you may first of all check if you have installed the database drivers correctly. Therefore re-run the setup of BusinessObjects in „Modify“ mode.

Screenshot of the error message:

WIS 10901 sqlsrv.rss missing









For me, the solution was to copy the sqlsrv.rss file from the development server to the prod server. Not more.

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